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Hence it is, too, that when copper has to be gilded, 324 a coat ofquicksilver is laid beneath the gold leaf, which it retains in itsplace with the greatest tenacity: in cases, however, where theleaf is single, or very thin, the presence of the quicksilver isdetected by the paleness of the colour. native chrysocolla, known as \ \ " uva, \ \ " differs fromthe other in. pliny' s natural history: in thirty- seven books, vol. ceva, the ancient ceba, is a small italian town in the province of cuneo, region of piedmont, 49 kilometres ( 30 mi) east of cuneo. 67 flavius made a vowthat he would con. hisvery cups he has delighted to engrave with libidinous subjects, and he takes pleasure in drinking from vessels of obscene form! one peculiar advantageof electrum is, its superior brilliancy to silver by lamp- light. the natural history of trees book xiii. freto imminent iuncti abilae. at all events, in the writings left by junius, who, from hisaffection for c. as it is a fact generally admitted, that minium is a poison, 388i look upon all the recipes given as highly dangerous whichrecommend its employment for medicinal purposes; with theexception, perhaps, of those cases in which it is applied to thehead or abdomen, for the purpose of arresting hæmorrhage, due care being taken that it is not allowed to penetrate to theviscera, or to touch any sore.

pliny’ s natural history is an astonishingly ambitious work that ranges from astronomy to art and from geography to zoology. the gracchi were the first to attach to this order the separateappellation of \ \ " judices, \ \ " their object being at the same momenta se. author pliny the elder country ancient rome subject natural history, ethnography, art, sculpture, mining, mineralogy genre encyclopaedia, popular science the natural history is a work by pliny the elder. bohn, 1855: original from: the university of california: digitized: : export citation: bibtex endnote refman.

the natural history of pliny, volume 2 ( of 6) by the elder pliny. it is one of the largest single works to have survived from the roman empire to the modern day and purports to cover the entire field of ancient knowledge, based on the best authorities available to pliny. 325 for this reason, persons, when meditating a piece of fraud, have been in the habitof substituting glair of egg for quicksilver, and then layingupon it a coat of hydrargyros, a substance of which we. as to the usage followed by the roman kings, it is not easyto pronounce an opinion: the statue of romulus in the capitolwears no ring, nor does any other statue— not that of l. mirrors, too, have been invented to reflect monstrous399forms; those, for instance, which have been consecrated in thetemple at smyrna. 53 as wewere just now speaking on t. one cannot but feel ashamed, on looking at those new- fanglednames which are invented every now and then, from thegreek language, by which to designate vessels of silver filagreed171or inlaid with gold, and the various other practices bywhich such articles of luxury, when only gilded, 172 are made tosell at a higher price than they would have done if made ofsolid gold: and this, too, when we know that spartacus173 forbadeany one of his followers to introduce either gold or silver intothe camp— s. electrum, too, was highly esteemed in ancient times, as welearn from the testimony of homer, who represents264 the palaceof menelaüs as refulgent with gold and electrum, wikimedia silver andivory.

in how manyways have we augmented the value of things! the natural history of pliny, volume 2 bohn' s classical library the natural history of pliny, henry thomas riley: author: pliny ( the elder. cinnabaris370 is adulterated by the agency of goats' blood, orof bruised sorb- apples. the same mines also furnish us with the preparation knownas \ \ " scum of silver.

sinus saronicus, olim querno nemore redimitus, unde nomen, ita graecia antiqua appellante quercum; in eo epidaurum oppidum, aesculapi delubro celebre, spiraeum promunturium, portus anthedus et bucephalus. a second mode of obtaining gold is by sinking shafts or seekingit among the debris of mountains; both of which methodsit will be as well to describe. free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by project gutenberg. 14but in lapse of. mingling acute observation with often wild speculation, it offers a fascinating view of the world as it was understood in the first century ad, whether describing the danger of diving for sponges, the first water- clock, or the use of asses’ milk to remove wrinkles. 335while this is doing, the thick and turbid part is poured offfrom time to time into a copper vessel, and purified with nitre. book 28: medicinal uses of the human body' s own products ( and discussion of charms) ; of animal products. pliny the elder, roman savant and author of the celebrated natural history, an encyclopedic work of uneven accuracy that was an authority on scientific matters up to the middle ages.

download this ebook. at lindos, in the island of rhodes, there is a templededicated to minerva, in which there is a goblet of electrum, consecrated by helena: history states also that it was mouldedafter the proportions of her bosom. book 27: minor medicinal herbs, in roughly alphabetical order. naturalis historia naturalis historia, 1669 edition, title page. the natural history of pliny, volume 1 bohn' s classical library ; 64, 67, 69, 72, 78 bohn' s classical library the natural history of pliny, henry thomas riley: author: pliny ( the elder.

these barren378 stones, too, may be recognized by their uniform leaden colour, and it. i shall therefore use all the more diligence inenquiring into all the known facts respecting it. folia entomologica hungarica, : 17– 70. \ \ " 309 itis a remarkable fact, that the shafts opened by hannibal310 inthe spani.

it lies on the right bank of the tanaro on a wedge of land between that river and the cevetta stream. this image might not be in the public domain outside of the united states; this especially applies in the countries and areas that do not apply the rule of the shorter term for us works, such as canada, mainland china ( not hong kong or macao), germany, mexico, and switzerland. genre/ form: early works pre- linnean works: additional physical format: online version: pliny, the elder. indeed, so promiscuously was this privilege at last conferred, that flavius proculus, one of the equites, informed againstfour hundred persons on this ground, before the emperor claudius, who was then censor: 117 and thus we see, an order, whichwas established as a mark of distinction from other private individualsof free birth, has been shared in common with slaves! the price of genuine cinnabaris is fiftysesterces per pound. the natural history of pliny hardcover – novem. aurelius symmachus published his own correspondence in 10 books, 9 of personal and 1 of official letters. gracchus, took the name of gracchanus, 123 wefind the following words— \ \ " as regards the equestrian order, its members were formerly called ' trossuli, ' but at thepresent day they have the name of ' equites; ' because it isnot understood what the appellation ' trossuli' really means, and many feel ashamed at wikimedia commons the natural history of pliny book 18 being called by that name.

pliny the elder was the author of an enormous encyclopedia, the natural history, which, despite many flaws, provides considerable insight into the early imperial economy. and yet, amid all this, we are far from making remedies theobject of our researches: and how few in thus delving into theearth have in view the promotion of medicinal knowledge! pliny the elder was a prominent roman writer who lived in the first century a. > pliny the elder, tireless researcher and writer, is author of the encyclopedic natural history, in 37 books, an unrivaled compendium of roman knowledge. wherever, too, onevein of silver has been met with, another is sure to be foundnot far off: a thing that has been remarked, in fact, in the caseof nearly all the metals, which would appear from this circumstanceto have derived their greek name of \ \ " metalla.

oppida hermione, troezen, coryphasium appellatumque alias inachium, alias dipsium argos, portus schoenitas. natural history of pliny. he is best known for his. book digitized by google and uploaded to the internet archive by user tpb. sempronius and p. the method of preparing it, is to burn it, enclosed in acoat of cow- dung, in a furnace; which done, it is quenchedwith woman' s milk, and pounded with rain- water in a mortar. the persons in search of goldin the first place remove the \ \ " segutilum, \ \ " 229 such being thename of the earth which gives indication of the presence ofgold.

the story of torquatus, 51 too, is a proof that the gauls werein the habit of wearing ornaments of gold when engaged incombat; 52 from which it would appear that the sum takenfrom the gauls themselves, and the amount of which they hadpillaged the temples, were only equal to the amount of goldcollected for the ransom, and no more; and this is what wasreally meant by the response given by the augurs, that jupitercapitolinus had rendered again the ransom twofold. theophrastus' s enquiry into plants or historia plantarum ( greek: περὶ φυτῶν ἱστορία, peri phyton historia) was, along with his mentor aristotle' s history of animals, pliny the elder' s natural history and dioscorides' s de materia medica, one of the most important books of natural history written in ancient times, and like them it was influential in the renaissance. the vessel intowhich the turbid part has been poured off, is then coveredwith a linen clo. commons: estonian museum of natural history: images from the geological collection of the estonian museum of natural history. the contents of the books are as follows. ( trans) and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at abebooks.

pliny: natural history, volume iii, booksloeb classical library no. 3: translated, with copious notes and illustrations ( classic reprint) ( book). the book opens with a section on new diseases. the title at the top reads: " volume i of the natural history of gaius plinius secundus". 336the lees of it, which are rejected, are recognized by theirbeing full of lead and falling to the bottom. the natural history of birds. book 29: medicinal uses of animal products, continued; but the book starts with a long stiff diatribe against doctors. as regards statues of human beings, gorgias of leontini270was the first to erect a solid statue of gold, in the temple atdelphi, in honour of himself, about the seventieth271 olympiad: so great were the fortunes then made by teaching the art oforatory! bohn, 1855: original from: princeton university: digitized: : export citation. 1 ( classic reprint) paperback – j by elder pliny ( author) see all formats and editions hide other formats and editions.

rhysaddiroppidum et portus, malvane fluvius navigabilis. it is encyclopedic in scope, but its structure is not. gold, boiled in honey with melanthium274 and applied as aliniment to the navel, acts as a gentle purgative upon thebowels. forit is upon her surface, in fact, that she has presented us withthese substances, equally with the cereals, bounteous and everready, as she is, in supplying us with all things for our benefit! the natural history is a work by pliny the elder. bohn, 1857: original from: princeton university: digitized: : export citation: bibtex endnote refman. in all these mines, too, an artificial chrysocolla is manu- factured; much inferior, however, to the native chrysocolla. numerous and frequently- updated resource results are available from this worldcat. the natural history of the fruit trees. of these judices, too, there were at first but four106 decuriesonly, and in each of these decuries there was hardly one thousandmen to be found, the provinces not having been hithertoadmitted to the office; an observance which is still in force atthe present day, no one newly admitted to the rights of citizenshipbeing allowed to perform the duties of judex as a memberof the decuries. ab iis ora interni maris, flumen tamuda navigabile, quondam et oppidum, flumen laud, et ipsum navigiorum capax.

) translated by: john bostock, henry thomas riley: publisher: henry g. 345the most approved kind is that of attica; the next beingthat which comes from spain. links to translation of pliny the elder, ' natural history' pliny the elder, who died during the eruption of vesuvius in 79 a. \ \ " in most instances, too, all these tints are tobe found in the same cake.

the parætonium, as it isnaturally very unctuous, and, from its smo. xml version= " 1. ) these decuries, too, were themselves distinguished byseveral denominations— \ \ " tribunes107 of the treasury, \ \ ". the natural history of fishes. the natural history of pliny, volume 5 ( of 6) by the elder pliny - free ebook project gutenberg. ) translated by: john bostock, henry thomas riley: publisher: h. internet archive bhl bugz; endrödi, s. the contents of the books are as follows: book 1: table of contents of the others and of authorities; book 2: mathematical and metrological survey of the universe;. at the present day, too, a fashion has been introducedamong the men even, of wearing effigies upon their fingersrepresenting harpocrates144 and other divinities of egypt. this event took place in the consulshipof p. tribus: pentodontini von australien und neu- zeeland ( coleoptera).

0" encoding= " utf- 8"? naturalis historia ( latin for wikimedia commons the natural history of pliny book 18 " natural history" ) is an encyclopedia published circa ad 77- 79 by pliny the elder. \ \ " 343 there are three344 varieties of it; thebest, known as \ \ " chrysitis; \ \ " the second best, the name ofwhich is \ wikimedia commons the natural history of pliny book 18 \ " argyritis; \ \ " and a third kind, which is called\ \ " molybditis. man has learned how to challengeboth nature and art to become the incitements to vice! ( on india) xxvi [ 96] but before we go on to a detailed account of these countries, it is suitable to indicate the facts reported by. the work, which was largely complete by 77 ce, is divided into 37 books and covers such subjects as botany, zoology, and astronomy. files are available under licenses specified on their description page. these rings, too, as the annalstell us, were laid aside by the nobility, and not66 by the wholebody of the senate. \ \ " 124— he125then goes on to explain the reason, as above mentioned, andadds that, though much ag.

13 lokakuu : maksymovych scientific library, ukraine: rare books in russian and ukrainian. wikimedia commons. brutuseven— with the sole exception of those of numa and serviustullius. , wrote a long account in 37 books of everything that the romans knew about the world around them - in the words of his nephew pliny the younger, " a comprehensive and learned work, covering as wide a field as nature. pliny: natural history, volume i, books 1- 2 ( loeb classical library no. it is one of the largest single works. 13 in additionto the standard value of these metals, the art of painting lendsits aid, and we have rendered gold and silver still more costlyby the art of chasing them. the prices of things, which i have in different placesannexed, vary, i am well aware, according to the locality, andexperience a change almost every year: variations dependentupon the opportunities afforded for navigation, and the termsupon which the merchant may have purchased the article. born in the mid- 20s ce, pliny served in the roman cavalry as a young man. pliny: natural history, volume viii, books 28- 32 by pliny; rackham, h. silver is found in nearly all our provinces, but the finest ofall is that of spain; where it is found, like gold, in uncultivatedsoils, and in the mountains even.

1955: a preliminary note on the genus pericoptus ( scarabaeidae, dynastinae). pliny: natural history 6. most persons, however, are mistaken in the supposition thaton this occasion the members of the equestrian order did thesame: for it is in consequence of these additional words, \ \ " thephaleræ, 65 too, were laid aside as well, \ \ " that the name of theequestrian order was added. beyond such cases as these, formy own part, i should never recommend it to be used inmedicine. the natural history of the fruit- trees. 6 274 marraskuu : fisfisa media, taiwan: commons: fisfisa_ media: images of contemporary taiwanese writers. for there is, in fact, another kind375 of minium, found in mostsilver- mines as well as lead- mines, and prepared by the calcinationof certain stones that are found mixed with the metallicvein— not the minerals, however, to the fluid humours ofwhich we wikimedia commons the natural history of pliny book 18 have given376 the name of quicksilver; for if those aresubjected to the action of fire they will yield silver— but anotherkind of stone377 that is found with them. the various kinds of insects. reliable information about the coronavirus ( covid- 19) is available from the world health organization ( current situation, international travel). annals and magazine of natural history ( 7), 14: 41– 59,. it is what is concealed from our view, what is sunk far beneathher surface, objects, in fact, of no rapid formation, 7 thaturg.

0 out of 5 stars 3. it is one of the largest single works to have survived from the roman empire to the modern day and purports to cover all ancient knowledge. 18] ipsa provincia ab oriente montuosa fert elephantos, in abila quoque monte et quos septem fratres a simili altitudine appellant. varro assures us that gold is a cure for warts. this page was last edited on 1 july, at 12: 21. covid- 19 resources. by this time, it is likely that both the 9- book and 10- book versions were in existence. inthe reign of claudius, also, there was introduced anotherunusual distinction, in the case of those to whom was grantedthe right of free admission, 145 that, namely, of wearing thelikeness of the emperor engraved in gold upon a ring: acircumstance that gave rise to vast numbers of informations, until the timely elevation of t. pliny the elder ( 23– 79 ce), tireless researcher and writer, is author of the encyclopedic natural history, in 37 books, an unrivaled compendium of roman knowledge. i am surprised at this absence of the ring, in thecase of the tarquinii more particularly, seeing that they wereoriginally from greece, 26 a country from which the use ofgold rings was first introduced; though even at the presentday the people of lac.

1974: monographie der dynastinae 4. see full list on perseus. this, however, all results from the configurationgiven to the metal; and it makes all the differencewhether the surface has a concave form like the section of adrinking cup, or whether it is [ convex] like a thracian400buckler; whether it is depressed in the middle or elevated; whether the surface has a direction401 transversely or obliquely; or whether it runs. before laying on thesanded288 chrysocolla, they underlay coats of atramentum289and parætonium, 290 substances which make it hold, and imparta softness to the colours. sometimes, indeed, gold is found at. the work' s subject area is thus not limited to what is today understood by natural history; pliny himself defines his scope as " the natural world, or life".

the first great proof, however, of the goodness of gold, isits melting with the greatest difficulty: in addition to which, it is a fact truly marvellous, that though proof against the mostintense fire, if made with wood charcoal, it will melt with thegreatest readiness upon a fire made with chaff; 206 and that, forthe purpose of purifying it, it is fused with lead. itmay so happen, too, that some wealthy dealer has engrossedthe market, and so enhanced the price: for i am by no meansforgetful of the case of demetrius, who in the wikimedia commons the natural history of pliny book 18 reign of theemperor nero was accused be. the method of preparing it consists in introducing watergradually into a vein of metal, throughout the winter and untilthe month of june; after which, it is left to dry up duringthe months of june and july: so that, in fact, it is quite evidentthat chrysocolla is nothing else but the putrefaction of a metallicvein. alas for the prodigal inventions of man! 207 there isanother reason too, which still more tends wikimedia commons the natural history of pliny book 18 to enhance its value, the fact that it wears the least of all metals by contin. chrysitis is the produce ofthe metallic vein, 346 argyritis is obtained from the silver itsel. the natural history of pliny by pliny, the elder; bostock, john,,. the natural history of pliny, vol.

the unlearned multitude of artisans distinguish threekinds of chrysocolla; the rough chrysocolla, which is valuedat seven denarii per pound; the middling, worth five denarii; and the bruised, also known as the \ \ " herbaceous\ \ " chrysocolla, worth three denarii per pound. pliny: natural history, volume ii, books. it comprised 37 books. pliny' s last work, according to his nephew, was the naturalis historia ( literally " natural history" ), an encyclopedia into which he collected much of the knowledge of his time. the natural history of exotic trees, and an account of unguents.

his sources were personal experience, his own prior works ( such as the work on germania ), and extracts from other works. this done, a bed is made, the sand of which is washed, and, according to the residue found after washing, a conjectureis formed as to the richness of the vein. in the fifth century, sidonius apollinaris published his own letters in 9 books, and quotes pliny in many places. 18] a scyllaeo ad isthmon lxxx p. born gaius plinius secundus) roman historian and scientist. for my own part, i am quite at a wikimedia commons the natural history of pliny book 18 loss for the origin of thisusage; but it is a well- known fact, that at the present dayeven, minium is in great esteem with the nations of æthiopia, their nobles being in the habit of staining the body all overwith it, and this being the colour appropriated to the statuesof their gods. all structured data from the file and wikimedia commons the natural history of pliny book 18 property namespaces is available under the creative commons cc0 license; all unstructured text is available under the creative commons attribution- sharealike license; additional terms may apply. the natural history of pliny, volume 6 bohn' s classical library the natural history of pliny, henry thomas riley: author: pliny ( the elder.

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